PublisHer: An industry-led Movement to Bring Gender Equality to World publishing

It’s time for Action

PublisHer is a call to action led by female publishing leaders to address their industry’s entrenched gender imbalances and drive an international agenda for change. PublisHer is an empowered community seeking creative, viable solutions to the many gender-based inequities that have long characterized world publishing and the other creative industries…

Founded by:

Founded by:

Bodour Al Qasimi

We are a small group of industry leaders committed to progress, partnerships, and action…

‘Women at the Forefront’: Three Interviews From PublisHer at Nairobi

The second international event in the PublisHer series featured performance, discussion, and networking at the International Publishers Association’s ‘Africa Rising’...

First PublisHer Dinner: Working to Support Women in Publishing

Working to build a global, supportive community of women in publishing, the first PublisHer dinner brought together some 30 women making a difference in the book...

PublisHer is made possible by a growing list of supporters

A Growing Community committed to change

We are building a community of women across publishing and the creative industries who share ideas and collaborate to find creative solutions to the gender diversity and inclusivity challenges they face at work.

‘Meeting House’: Laura Prinsloo

Publishing Consultant Emma House Interviews Members Of The PublisHer Community. Laura Prinsloo is the chair of the Indonesian National Book Committee and director of Kesaint...

Out now! The PublisHer newsletter, Alpha, Q2 2020. A new mentorship scheme, bookwomen #Unmasked, ... changes to the PublisHer Board and plenty more besides.

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WATCH NOW: Women in Publishing, on Publishers Without Borders. ...

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